Paper Honeycomb

The honeycomb paper it's a paper-based product that has extraordinary characteristics due to it's hexagonal shaped core. It's exceptional versatility is combined with the technical know-how, adapting it's physical properties such as cell size, paper type and weight to the specific requirements for each use. The honeycomb paper is an excellent alternative to wood and widely used as a filler in the form of mesh or panel filler in doors, windows, partitions and furniture elements as it suits in any type of material since steel doors or standardized timber, fixed or movable partitions, furniture, architectural design and many more.

High compressive strength
Low weight
Optimal energy absorption
Resistant and safe
Adaptable to different shapes
Easy to handle
Technical Specifications
Paper type Compressive strenght
Cell diameter Weight Thickness Width
Fluting 1,5 Kgf/cm2 from 10 mm to 40mm from 100 g/m2 to 300 g/m2 from 10 mm to 100 mm Up to1800 mm not expanded

Inspired by the nuclear structure of honeycomb and known worldwide as honeycomb paper.

Its hexagonal shape and flexibility determines the various valencies that are proposed and when combined with other materials considerably increases the advantages thus extending to a wide variety of applications.

Fully produced with recycled paper and water-based glue makes it an inexpensive and environmentally friendly product being completely recyclable, 100% ecological so is biodegradable, honeycomb paper is available in mesh or panel lending itself both as structural fill for packing various products.

Structural Filling - Its main application is used for the manufacture of lightweight structures such as panels for manufacturing furniture, interior doors, partitions, however due to the flexibility of its form as well as enormous resistance and shock absorption your application covers.

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